NES emulator and NSF music player for Windows.
Coded by Zepper 1998-2016

Friday, July 22nd 2016
  • RockNES 5.25 released. Give me your feedback here in the forums!

  • What's new for version 5.25 (07/22/2016)
    - Reworked APU sound output mixing, added a high-pass filter for true signed samples.
    - Added an easy sound sample interpolation (more bass).
    - Fixed an obscure bug restoring APU savestates.
    - Fixed a few color styles by using a non-linear algorithm.
    - Fixed NSF visualizer in scanlined modes.
    - Other cosmetic changes and minor fixes.
    - Documentation updated.

    Tuesday, June 26th 2016
  • RockNES 5.24 released. Enjoy!

  • What's new for version 5.24 (06/26/2016)
    - Fixed sound playback with unsigned samples.
    - Added an option to save the last accessed folder as the main folder.
    - Added support for multiple files when recording music (like game 000.wav, game 001.wav and so on).
    - Changed the numbering system of multiple files from hexadecimal to decimal, except for savestate files.
    - Removed a few unused codes, plus cosmetic changes there and there.

    Tuesday, June 22nd 2016
  • RockNES 5.23 released. Sorry for the broken PPU IRQs.

  • What's new for version 5.23 (06/22/2016)
    - Fixed broken PPU IRQs.
    - Fixed APU triangle and DMC volume decay.
    - Fixed/changed APU volume level and resampling.
    - Added a small hack for the unwanted race condition $2006 and Y-increment. It should fix flickering games.

    Tuesday, June 14th 2016
  • RockNES 5.22 has been released.

  • What's new for version 5.22 (06/14/2016)
    - Fixed sprite evaluation. PPU timing is normal again.
    - Fixed input device selection, now it detects unplugged joystick/mouse and switches back to keyboard (player 1) or none (player 2).
    - Fixed "set default palette" in the GUI, no more blackouts.
    - Cleanups, removed unused debug code.

    Thursday, April 21st 2016
  • Sorry for the last version, now here's the proper fix. More changes are coming, but enjoy it for now! RockNES 5.21 has been released. Your feedback is much important to me! ^_^;;

  • What's new for version 5.21 (04/21/2016)
    - Fixed color style menu, should be functional.
    - Fixed problems in the MMC3 IRQs.
    - Fixed path setting (directories) problems.
    - Fixed external palette loading.
    - Fixed copyright year.
    - Item "view palette ram" is enabled again after a game loading.
    - Removed unused debug code/junk.
    - Removed MinGW DLL dependencies.
    - Other minor fixes and cosmetic changes.

    Sunday, April 17th 2016
  • RockNES 5.20 has been released. Please, send me feedback and thank you! ^_^;;

  • What's new for version 5.20 32bit (04/17/2016)
    - Removed all those gfx modes, prior to AUTO windowed or fullscreen modes.
    - Removed video resolution setting from config file, now fullscreen mode always use the desktop resolution, unless you change it in the GUI.
    - Removed sprite evaluation at pre-scanline.
    - Changed unofficial opcode emulator behaviour - now it'll swap to GUI w/ RESET.
    - Changed sound sample rate to 48000Hz. Tell me if you experience problems.
    - Added unofficial opcodes + NOPs.
    - Added screen blitter 4x size with interlaced mode.
    - Added screen blitter 3x upscaler scanlined, pixelated and interlaced.
    - Added video vertical retrace sync, _much_ smoother.
    - Added various color effects like sepia, black&white, GameBoy and more!
    - Added an option for signed or unsigned APU sound samples.
    - Added cartridge board name when saving the iNES header info into a text file.
    - Added ability to modify a value in the CPU PRG space.
    - Added fast forward key, can be deactivated.
    - Fixed NMI and VBlank timing obscure failures.
    - Fixed mapper 69 for CHR RAM games.
    - Fixed motion blur effect, still imperfect.
    - Fixed VS palette setup.
    - Fixed a bug assigning joystick buttons.
    - Fixed PPU $2007 register, fixes the scorebar in Burai Fighter (U).
    - Fixed WAV stereo sound recording (generated files had half size).
    - Fixed palette selection/startup.
    - Fixed palette entries $10,$20,$30 in #nesdev palette.
    - Fixed a bug in the NMI timing.
    - Fixed an obscure bug in the sprite evaluation code (overflow flag).
    - Fixed OAM rotation (Sachen games/Tatakai no Banka).
    - Fixed file closing, another obscure bug.
    - Option "Set savestate slot to 0 on RESET" is now saved in the config file.
    - Optimized PPU bankswitching and pixel color generation.
    - General fixes and minor revision in the CPU instruction set.
    - Revised config file parsing in order to avoid a potential crash.
    - Improved RAMBO-1 PPU IRQ (mapper 64).
    - Fixed mapper 90 IRQs.
    - A few GUI and config changes, old rocknes.ini file is NOT recommended.
    - Code cleanups, lots of minor rewrites, adjustments, text changes, optimizations.

    Monday, June 2nd 2014
  • I'm back. Now RockNES supports 3x and 4x screen blitters.
  • Update 2: RockNES 5.142 has been released!

  • What's new for version 5.142 (06/02/2014)
    - Fixed graphics modes, switching to fullscreen always use the desktop resolution.
    - Fixed bitmap blitters 2x stretched to 640x480.
    - Fixed toggling fullscreen and windowed modes.
    - In windowed mode, changing the blitter adjusts the window size.
    - Fixed a problem with palette startup.

    What's new for version 5.141 (06/01/2014)
    - Fixed "Other options" menu, complete mess.
    - Cleanups.

    What's new for version 5.14 (05/31/2014)
    - Fixed -disable_ppu_clipping flag in the config file.
    - Fixed a few GUI items, plus minor changes.
    - Frame timing is reset if the video resolution changes, no more crashing.
    - Added bitmap blitters 3x and 4x, no filtering yet.
    - Minor code optimizations and cleanups.

    Sunday, January 19th 2014
  • A major quick fix, since the PRG RAM data wasn't being saved/loaded correctly in savestates. RockNES 5.13d released.

  • What's new for version 5.13d (01/19/2014)
    - Fixed PRG RAM data saving/loading in savestates.
    - Fixed popup message color.
    - Internal code optimizations and cleanups.

    Saturday, January 18th 2014
  • RockNES 5.13c released. Fixed coin detection in VS System (mapper 99), press F8 to "insert coin".

  • Friday, January 17th 2014
  • Quick fix. RockNES 5.13b released.

  • What's new for version 5.13b (01/17/2014)
    - Fixed FPS (frames per second) display.
    - Fixed "disable_ppu_clipping" and "mouse_poll_latency" flags.
    - Famiclone sound mode setting is now saved.
    - Minor changes in the GUI.

    Thursday, January 16th 2014
  • The files are available again. They're hosted on Dropbox now (when larger than 1MB).

  • Wednesday, January 15th 2014
  • Actually, does not allow files larger than 1MB for uploads. That's why the files were being deleted. I have no option, but look for a new host. Most of the files are down for now, but will be back soon! Sorry for the inconvenience. :-(

  • Wednesday, January 15th 2014
  • A few important fixes for this release. RockNES 5.13 is available for downloading! Please, send e-mail and give your feedback.

  • What's new for version 5.13 (01/15/2014)
    - New menu item "View CPU state", replacing the "Dump->CPU context".
    - New blitter, 256x240 interpolated. Press key 1, then 3.
    - Fixed Famicom Disk System support, a few games are playable now.
    - Fixed Refresh button in the disassembler dialogs.
    - Fixed a bug loading mapper 20 (Famicom Disk System).
    - The disassembler shows the full bank again (size of $1000).
    - Fixed a configuration problem of input devices.
    - Fixed flag for patched ROMs (it was always zero).
    - Added detection of dirty NES headers (DiskDude).
    - Internal optimizations, minor changes and fixes in the GUI.

    Monday, January 13rd 2014
  • RockNES 5.12 has been released! Please, send e-mail and give your feedback.
  • For some bizarre reason, a few ZIP files are still being deleted. I reuploaded them again. Let me know if there's some missing file, please.

  • What's new for version 5.12 (01/13/2014)
    - Fixed a potential crash when activating the sound recorder.
    - Fixed $4016/17 reads, value must be ORed with $40.
    - Fixed mapper 64 IRQs (game Hard Drivin' works).
    - Changed APU sound output gain, sounds louder and better.
    - Optimized APU sound resampling values.
    - Added an option to disable PPU clipping (left 8 pixels).
    - The NSF player now displays "no title" if there's no string.
    - Improved iNES header context saved into a text file.
    - In the disassembler, the code is now refreshed before saving to a file.
    - Removed a boring popup warning message if savestate file isn't found.
    - Renamed "-videocard" config option to "-graphics_mode", since there's no "card".
    - Fixed other minor things and annoyances, plus removed unused stuff.

    Saturday, January 11st 2014
  • For some unknown reason, a few files were deleted, including the most recent RockNES package. All the missing files were reuploaded. Thanks to WedNESday for the warning.
  • An update for RockNES is forthcomming, so stay tuned.

  • Tuesday, december 31st 2013
  • RockNES 5.11 released! Please, send e-mail and give your feedback. Thanks for all and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  • What's new for version 5.11 (12/31/2013)
    - Fixed a timing problem with SPRDMA and DMC DMA.
    - Added a basic motion blur filtering.
    - Added a new palette from NESdev, looks accurate, enabled by default.
    - Proper program startup with default settings.
    - Blocked RESET when a movie is active (a warning will pop up).
    - Fixed frames per second display in windowed mode.
    - Fixed a problem with screen blitting, plus switching blitters is even easier.
    - Keyboard polling optimized a bit.
    - Minor fixes in the GUI, windows are now closed properly.
    - Fixed APU savestate restoration.
    - Fixed some savestate tags.
    - Fixed VS System "insert coin", just hold F8 and release it.
    - Added NSF savestate tagged block.
    - RSx savestate file updated to version 6, old ones are not compatible.
    - Documentation updated.

    Thursday, October 3th 2013
  • Unfortunately, the RockNES forum is gone, everything there is history now. About the emulator, yes, it's ok and in development. A release is very near, so stay tuned. To complete the things, I'd like to start a donation system in order to continue with the emulator. I'm trying to setup a Paypal account, so you'll be able to help & donate (if possible).

  • Tuesday, June 11st 2013
  • Just a remind. Well, I still got mail asking about RockNESX, that old Windows port. It's no more supported, it's outdated and I don't own the sources of it. Just forget it and play the current legit Windows version, 5.10.

  • Sunday, June 9th 2013
  • RockNES 5.10 is out. It's a bug fix release, w/ minor improvements. Your feedback is very important to me.

  • What's new for version 5.10 (06/09/2013)
    - Fixed savestate, return value was wrong, working ok now.
    - Fixed a few GUI items, palette ram viewer is enabled again.
    - Tweaked MMC3 code, still have problems.
    - Allegro library is packaged with the ZIP again.

    Saturday, May 18th 2013
  • RockNES 5.09 has been released. Your feedback is very important to me.

  • What's new for version 5.09 (05/18/2013)
    - Fixed PPU timing.
    - Fixed PPU open bus emulation.
    - Fixed APU reset, uninitialized flags.
    - Fixed APU sweep unit.
    - Fixed joypad i/o code, added 4016h/4017h extra reads.
    - Fixed mapper 1 (MMC1) startup bank values, and MMC3 PPU IRQ timing.
    - Fixed a potential crash when blitter 0 (256x240) was set on startup.
    - Fixed base address selection on disassembler.
    - Fixed gameplay joypad data logging driver, also known as NES movies.
    - Fixed a bug when resetting the video context.
    - Added a GUI option to see the current video context.
    - Added mapper 89 (Tenka no Goikenban: Mito Koumon).
    - Added a new screen blitter, stretched to 640x480 pixelated.
    - Added five choices of RGB palettes for VS System mapper.
    - Added option for printing the FPS (frames per second) value on screenshots.
    - Added option for resetting the savestate slot number on ROM loading.
    - Added a check for mapper 20, reserved for Famicom Disk System only.
    - Added message errors if sound startup fails.
    - Joypad data block on savestate now includes the number of reads, up to 8.
    - The graphics mode settings are reset to defaults and saved on gfx errors.
    - Disabled keys F6 and F7 when the FDS driver isn't active.
    - Removed the option of disabling register $4011.
    - Other minor fixes, various changes in the GUI, usual code cleanups.
    - Software documentation updated.

    Tuesday, June 19th 2012
  • New RockNES website! Please, update your bookmarks.

  • Windows 32bit

    RockNES 5.25 (ZIP, i686) 07/22/2016

    Older versions are highly NOT recommended.
    RockNES 5.24 (ZIP, i686) 06/26/2016
    RockNES 5.23 06/22/2016
    RockNES 5.22 06/14/2016
    RockNES 5.21, w/ Allegro 04/21/2016
    RockNES 5.20, w/ Allegro 04/17/2016
    RockNES 5.142 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 06/02/2014
    RockNES 5.141 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 06/01/2014
    RockNES 5.14 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 05/31/2014
    RockNES 5.13d [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/19/2014
    RockNES 5.13c [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/18/2014
    RockNES 5.13b [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/17/2014
    RockNES 5.13 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/15/2014
    RockNES 5.12 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/13/2014
    RockNES 5.11 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 12/31/2013
    RockNES 5.10 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 06/09/2013
    RockNES 5.09 [i686 MMX] 05/18/2013
    RockNES 5.08 [i686 MMX] 05/13/2012
    Allegro 4.4 library (DLL)

    Old stuff!
    visine v2.82, MegaMan 1&2 editor (DOS) 10/27/2002
    sixtans v1.00, MegaMan 6 editor (DOS) 03/31/2002
    HALed v1.00, Adventures of Lolo 1 editor (DOS) 12/25/2002

    BNSF v2.5, a NSF file player (DOS) 03/31/2002
    Decrom 2.1, a NES graphics decoder in ascii (DOS) 08/08/2000

    Tutorial for visine - HLP version
    RockNES savestate info (finishing it!)

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