NES emulator and NSF music player for Windows.
Coded by Zepper 1998-2018

Tuesday, July 17th 2018
  • An unknown bug was introduced from version 5.14x to 5.20, affecting a few games. The critical one is Race Pro America II (RC Pro-AM II), which hangs due to a missing sprite zero hit. Unfortunately, I have no idea what's messing up the timing, thus I can't release the next version. A rollback is required.

  • Monday, April 30th 2018
  • Hello folks! Yes, I'm working on RockNES to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Do you know what means 20 years? Well, very few emulators (?) have reached such time. Currently, many parts of the code were rewritten and reorganized, plus some optimizations (yeah, it's faster, trust me). A release may occur anytime - just let me finish the things & doing a bit of testing. ^_^;;

  • Saturday, September 23rd 2017
  • New version! Thanks to Sour (Mesen author) for the FDS IRQ tests. RockNES 5.54 released.

  • What's new for version 5.54 (09/23/2017)
    - Improved Famicom Disk System PPU IRQ timing (thanks Sour).
    - Fixed "Skip Disk System license screen" option, working ok.
    - Fixed scanlines in NSF mode (while playing a tune & drawing circles).
    - Fixed version number in the file properties.
    - Minor fixes and improvements.

    Tuesday, August 8th 2017
  • Hi! Another minor release that fixes mapper 64 IRQ timing. RockNES 5.53 released.

  • What's new for version 5.53 (08/08/2017)
    - Improved mapper 64 IRQ timing.

    Friday, July 14th 2017
  • No reason to hold it for 6 months, right? A minor release though. RockNES 5.52 brings a fix in the mapper 19. Now Rolling Thunder (J) works.

  • What's new for version 5.52 (07/14/2017)
    - Fixed mapper 19 (Rolling Thunder (J) works).
    - Internal cleanups and minor tweaks.
    - Documentation updated.

    Saturday, July 9th 2017
  • New release! RockNES 5.51 brings a fix in the CHR bankswitching in the mapper 64. Now Rolling Thunder (U) works.

  • What's new for version 5.51 (07/09/2017)
    - Fixed a CHR bankswitching bug in the mapper 64 (Rolling Thunder works).

    What's new for version 5.50 (07/07/2017)
    - New NTSC default palette, including color emphasis, by Joel Yliluoma.
    - All palette-related core was rewritten and fixed.
    - Fixed palettes for VS games, including GUI dialog for selection.
    - Fixed problems in the GUI 'general settings' dialog.
    - Fixed PPU left clipping on/off setting.
    - Fixed GUI alert box colors.
    - Fixed a bug in the "Olive" and "Nocturne" color styles.
    - Fixed gfx frame pointer reset, an obscure bug found by accident.
    - Fixed emulation reset if an invalid opcode is found.
    - Fixed mapper 64 IRQs (Hard Drivin' works again).
    - Fixed mapper 90 IRQs and savestates.
    - Fixed Famicom Disk System savestates, system RAM and PPU IRQs, major bugs!
    - Fixed initial scanline (fixes Time Lord).
    - Fixed an obscure bug setting file loading path.
    - Fixed ROM corruptor, it wasn't restoring changes.
    - Fixed a bug setting the CPU address range in the CPU state display.
    - Fixed a few bugs in the config file parsing.
    - Fixed resetting to the default settings.
    - Custom fullscreen mode is now disabled if the last video mode was windowed.
    - Improved color emphasis effect & MMC3 IRQs.
    - Improved $2006 behaviour, old hacking removed.
    - Removed restriction for running only 1 instance of RockNES.
    - Frame rate (FPS) is no more displayed in the program window.
    - Added mappers 190 (Magic Kid GooGoo) and 206.
    - Added full NES palette viewer, including all the color styles palettes!
    - Added 5 new color styles, related to R-G-B swapping.
    - Added Game Genie codes, up to 10.
    - Added NSF track number display on-screen.
    - Another huge code cleanup and fixes, plus minor changes and improvements.

    Friday, January 20th 2017
  • Yes, another release. A couple of major bugs were fixed. Even a huge beta testing wasn't enough, sorry. I'm on vacation, so I work almost 12 hours a day in this emulator. New updates may occur during the day/week.
  • RockNES 5.41 released! Your feedback, please?

  • What's new for version 5.41 (01/20/2017)
    - Custom fullscreen mode should be working again.
    - Fixed input devices GUI dialog.
    - Fixed a few problems with the wallpaper.
    - Switching to fullscreen mode should look at custom fullscreen settings, instead of using the current desktop resolution! Problem fixed!
    - Switching to fullscreen mode should reset the upscaler to the original (256x240) if its height is greater than the screen height. Problem fixed!
    - Added a blitter checking on GUI init routine to avoid blitting problems.
    - Fixed blitting position on video resolution change.
    - Fixed a few annoyances in the upscaler stuff.
    - Added colors to a few GUI alert boxes, plus minor cosmetic changes.
    - Documentation updated with new information.

    Thursday, January 19th 2017
  • After a HUGE beta testing, here we go! RockNES 5.40 released! Remember to give me your feedback here!

  • What's new for version 5.40 (01/19/2017)
    - Emulation timing slightly modified.
    - Wallpapers are now supported in Windows BMP format!
    - Moved "save state" and "restore state" from CPU menu to the Game menu.
    - Added proper bitmap clipping to avoid crashing.
    - The mini GUI bar is now active when the screen size (windowed or fullscreen) is less than 480p.
    - Added an option to manually activate the mini GUI bar.
    - Removed zlib1.dll dependency.
    - NSF visualizer has centered circles again.
    - The disassembler now saves .ASM files to the dumps folder, if set.
    - The config file now brings the current date and time of saving.
    - Changed minimum custom fullscreen setting to 240p.
    - Fixed config settings, now it matches the restored settings & startup.
    - Fixed program window title on NSF->NES switch.
    - Fixed color style list in the config file.
    - Fixed GUI dialog colors when another palette (VS) is selected.
    - Fixed a bug setting 4.5x aspect ratio (length must be a multiple of 4).
    - Fixed a bug saving the current palette to the disc, filename changed to "rocknes_palette.pal".
    - Fixed a bug setting VS palettes + restore palette, no more black palette.
    - Fixed screenshots.
    - Fixed turbo speed setting.
    - Fixed an "off-by-1" problem in mapper 5 (MMC5) IRQ.
    - Improved Black&White and Black&White+ color styles.
    - More typos and text corrections, other minor fixes.
    - Big thanks to Eugene.S for the HUGE beta testing!
    - Documentation updated.

    Tuesday, January 17th 2017
  • RockNES 5.31 has been released! It's very important your feedback. Please, use the #NESdev forums!

  • What's new for version 5.31 (01/17/2017)
    - Reworked screen upscalers, put back the 4:3 VGA aspect ratio.
    - Changed the default screen upscaler to 1 (2x size).
    - Fixed a bug reading the screen size setting from config file.
    - Fixed motion blur flag parsing from config file.
    - Fixed hotkeys, DiskDude detection and PPU clipping enable/disable flags.
    - Fixed a few values in the "Restore defaults" option.
    - Fixed mapper 90 IRQs, no more flickering scorebars.
    - Fixed mappers 101 (Jaleco JF-10) and 243 (SACHEN).
    - Added mapper 150 (SACHEN v2) and removed mapper 110 (bad number).
    - On ROM loading, the mapper number is now displayed if not supported.
    - Fixed grayscales and mushroom color styles.
    - Improved red, green and blue emphasis color styles.
    - Improved magenta color style, looks much better.
    - Added 3 new color styles: olive, nocturn and sketch.
    - Replaced the negative sepia color style by sepia alt. brightness.
    - Fixed various typos in the GUI dialogs.
    - Added a short main menu if the resolution is less than 480p.
    - Program version information was outdated! It's ok now.
    - Other minor fixes there and there, cleanups.
    - New superb program icon!

    Saturday, January 14th 2017
  • More bug-fixes! There's a chance of more updates coming during the weekend, as far as I'm testing the emulator.
  • RockNES 5.30d released. Give me your feedback here in the forums!

  • What's new for version 5.30d (01/14/2017)
    - Fixed program behaviour on startup, now it runs in background again.
    - Fixed mapper 32 (Irem G-101).
    - Fixed a bug setting mapper 90 nametable control flag.
    - Fixed APU volume clipping.
    - A few color style labels were slightly changed.

    Thursday, January 12nd 2017
  • UPDATE 3. A minor bug-fix release. RockNES 5.30c released. Give me your feedback here in the forums!

  • What's new for version 5.30c (01/12/2017)
    - Fixed a bug in triple buffering mode, no more flashing on blitter change.
    - Fixed a bug on color style change.
    - Fixed a bug setting GUI colors, always use the main palette.

    Wednesday, January 11st 2017
  • As expected, a bug-fix release. Sorry.
  • here in the forums!
    What's new for version 5.30b (01/11/2017)
    - Fixed a few problems in the GUI dialogs.
    - Fixed a yellow vertical scanline in the 4x squared blitter.
    - Fixed a glitch displaying status messages during gameplay.
    - Fixed PPU clipping and motion blur enable/disable flags in the GUI.
    - Triple buffering should set the video flag to fullscreen, fixed.
    - Fixed version number in the documentation.

    Tuesday, January 10th 2017
  • Hi, how are you? Yeah, I'm back with RockNES. A major rewrite in the graphics module has been done, plus huge cleanups and small tweaks.
  • here in the forums!
    What's new for version 5.30 (01/10/2017)
    - Major revision of the graphics module and startup.
    - Full rewrite of the game screen upscalers.
    - Removed 4:3 aspect and pixelated blitters, prior to NTSC aspect ratio (squared).
    - Removed the [!] menu from the GUI, general menu rework done.
    - Removed frame scanline interpolation/flickering.
    - Replaced the RGB color style with a new one.
    - Fixed a couple of emulator startup obscure problems.
    - Fixed switching to fullscreen/windowed modes.
    - Added option to save your custom fullscreen mode.
    - Added option to restore all the default settings.
    - Motion blur filtering tweaked a bit.
    - Fixed CHR ROM bankswitch state on savestate loading. This way, PTB tagged blocks (1 byte) were replaced by PAT tagged blocks (2 bytes long). Old files are still compatible to avoid problems.
    - Fixed a bug in the LSR ($20) CPU instruction.
    - Fixed "value MOD zero" in the PRG bankswitching system.
    - Fixed mapper 25, IRQs should work ok.
    - Fixed mapper 227 and adjusted it to work with 600in1 cart.
    - Added mapper 90 nametable control enable/disable (mapper 211).
    - Added key mapping for turbo buttoms.
    - Added a quick fix for bad NSF files (should be bankswtiched).
    - Added PRG ROM and CHR ROM CRC32 calculations.
    - Changed "Header info" to "File info".
    - Removed mapper 72 due to the bad support and unsupported features.
    - Fixed a couple of errors in the documentation (rocknes.txt).
    - Moved the iNES header description into a separated file.
    - General code rewrites, major cleanups and many cosmetic changes.

    Friday, July 22nd 2016
  • RockNES 5.25 released. Give me your feedback here in the forums!

  • What's new for version 5.25 (07/22/2016)
    - Reworked APU sound output mixing, added a high-pass filter for true signed samples.
    - Added an easy sound sample interpolation (more bass).
    - Fixed an obscure bug restoring APU savestates.
    - Fixed a few color styles by using a non-linear algorithm.
    - Fixed NSF visualizer in scanlined modes.
    - Other cosmetic changes and minor fixes.
    - Documentation updated.

    Tuesday, June 26th 2016
  • RockNES 5.24 released. Enjoy!

  • What's new for version 5.24 (06/26/2016)
    - Fixed sound playback with unsigned samples.
    - Added an option to save the last accessed folder as the main folder.
    - Added support for multiple files when recording music (like game 000.wav, game 001.wav and so on).
    - Changed the numbering system of multiple files from hexadecimal to decimal, except for savestate files.
    - Removed a few unused codes, plus cosmetic changes there and there.

    Tuesday, June 19th 2012
  • New RockNES website! Please, update your bookmarks.

  • Latest version
    RockNES 5.54 32bit i686 SSE3 O3 (ZIP) 09/23/2017

    Older versions
    Warning: they're highly NOT recommended!

    RockNES 5.53 32bit i686 SSE3 O3 (ZIP) 08/08/2017
    RockNES 5.52 32bit i686 SSE3 O3 (ZIP) 07/14/2017
    RockNES 5.51 32bit i686 SSE3 O2 (ZIP) 07/09/2017
    RockNES 5.50 32bit i686 SSE3 O2 (ZIP) 07/07/2017
    RockNES 5.41 (ZIP) 01/20/2017
    RockNES 5.40 (ZIP) 01/19/2017
    RockNES 5.31 (ZIP) 01/17/2017
    RockNES 5.30d (ZIP) 01/14/2017
    RockNES 5.25 (ZIP, i686) 07/22/2016
    RockNES 5.24 (ZIP, i686) 06/26/2016
    RockNES 5.23 06/22/2016
    RockNES 5.22 06/14/2016
    RockNES 5.21, w/ Allegro 04/21/2016
    RockNES 5.20, w/ Allegro 04/17/2016
    RockNES 5.142 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 06/02/2014
    RockNES 5.141 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 06/01/2014
    RockNES 5.14 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 05/31/2014
    RockNES 5.13d [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/19/2014
    RockNES 5.13c [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/18/2014
    RockNES 5.13b [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/17/2014
    RockNES 5.13 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/15/2014
    RockNES 5.12 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/13/2014
    RockNES 5.11 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 12/31/2013
    RockNES 5.10 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 06/09/2013
    RockNES 5.09 [i686 MMX] 05/18/2013
    RockNES 5.08 [i686 MMX] 05/13/2012
    Allegro 4.4 library (DLL)

    Old stuff!
    visine v2.82, MegaMan 1&2 editor (DOS) 10/27/2002
    sixtans v1.00, MegaMan 6 editor (DOS) 03/31/2002
    HALed v1.00, Adventures of Lolo 1 editor (DOS) 12/25/2002

    BNSF v2.5, a NSF file player (DOS) 03/31/2002
    Decrom 2.1, a NES graphics decoder in ascii (DOS) 08/08/2000

    Tutorial for visine - HLP version
    RockNES savestate info (finishing it!)

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