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Monday, May 31st 2021
  • RockNES 5.80 has been released!

  • What's new for version 5.80 (05/31/2021)
    - The savestate version has been changed to 8, so older states are no more compatible.
    - Added/fixed proper savestate support for ALL mappers.
    - Added support for Namco 163 sound (mapper 19).
    - Added mapper 210.
    - Fixed NSF init/play/reset.
    - Fixed sound recording status when stopped.
    - Fixed MMC1 (mapper 1), plus support for 512k games (Dragon Warrior III and IV works).
    - Fixed mappers 69, 72, 76, 78 and 92.
    - Fixed IRQ counter on mapper 19 reset (Sangokushi II: Haou no Tairiku works).
    - You can press Ctrl+F to call the "File info" dialog while in the GUI.
    - CPU state info dialog now supports NSF.
    - General adjustments, cosmetic changes and cleanups.
    - Documentation reworked and usual fixes.

    Monday, May 3rd 2021
  • Another bug fix release. RockNES 5.70C released.
  • NOTE! The file ines.txt is missing in the 5.70x releases. It'll be merged with "rocknes.txt" document.
  • NOTE 2! You can use Spacebar key to toggle normal APU and Fami-clone APU sound modes while playing a NES game.

  • What's new for version 5.70C (05/05/2021)
    - Fixed sound volume level with unsigned samples.

    Monday, May 3rd 2021
  • Bug fix release. RockNES 5.70B released!

  • What's new for version 5.70B (05/03/2021)
    - Fixed disabled mini-GUI items.
    - Fixed some uninitialized variables in the APU core.

    Friday, April 30th 2021
  • A new cycle has been started! Major improvements in the sound core, ability to save/load your progress during a movie recording!
  • RockNES 5.70 released!
  • Minor update! Fixed a problem with duty cycles and program version.

    What's new for version 5.70 (04/30/2021)
    - Major fix in the sound downsampling, new high pass filter.
    - Sound recording is now terminated if the sound mode is changed.
    - Fixed a bug calculating the data chunk size for stereo wave files.
    - Fixed envelope volume on power up/reset (set to 0 instead of 15).
    - Sound output volume now uses the mixing formula and float types for math.
    - The mini-GUI menubar is back! It's used in low resolutions mode.
    - Fixed wrong colors in message boxes.
    - Fixed a stupid bug of displaying NSF frequency circles out of NSF mode.
    - Fixed a bug setting the NSF file/track info in the program window.
    - Track number is back to the decimal mode.
    - Press Spacebar to switch the sound mode between "normal" and "Fami-clone" (NSF only).
    - Pressing Alt+Enter (toggles fullscreen/windowed) no longer restarts the NSF track.
    - Reads from $4016/$4017 are set by specific hardware (NES and VS Unisystem).
    - Now you're able to save/restore states during movie recording (joypad data logging).
    - Cosmetic changes, a couple of minor fixes.
    - Savestate document is now included with the emulator package.

  • Friday, April 9th 2021
  • One more round of fixes and minor improvements. RockNES 5.66 is out.

  • What's new for version 5.66 (04/09/2021)
    [fds driver]
    - Disk inserted/ejected status is no more set to "true" on soft-RESET.
    - Improved disk information, added CRC32.
    - RAM is now completely filled with zeros.
    - Fixed a bug in the APU reset.
    - Fixed a bug in the stereo sound downsampling calculation.
    - Fixed NSF driver, major cleanups.
    - Fixed windowed mode when out of focus.
    - Fixed color calculations for various color styles.
    - Color style "sepia #2" was changed to a new non-monochrome calculation.
    - The loaded .NES filename is now displayed in the "File info" GUI option.
    - Minor cosmetic changes in the GUI.
    - Removed value $40 ORed at every joypad read.
    - Keyboard is now polled before checking keys.
    - Fixed emulator startup, several rewrites in the code, minor fixes.
    - Fixed a memory leak problem.

    Monday, March 15th 2021
  • Hi! Today I bring you the RockNES savestate format.
  • It's the first release and still missing mapper (MMC) context information, to be added later.

  • Thursday, March 11th 2021
  • Hello folks! RockNES 5.65 has been released.
  • It's a minor update though.

  • What's new for version 5.65 (03/11/2021)
    - Fixed PPU soft reset.
    - Fixed sprite address clearing again (RC Pro AM II works).

    Friday, October 2nd 2020
  • RockNES 5.64 released.

  • What's new for version 5.64 (10/02/2020)
    - Default palette is restored on new ROM loading (fix when a VS palette was selected).
    - Sprite address is always cleared on VBlank end, fixing a few unlicensed games.
    - Now you can select GUI colors for menus.
    - Video options were separated from [Misc] menu.
    - Fixed custom fullscreen setting (on General settings), saves the current video mode.
    - Fixed a bug setting on/off percentage of FPS.
    - Fixed "general settings" and "set directories" GUI dialogs not "closing".
    - Fixed "sound options" GUI dialog (all options are working ok).
    - Fixed a few mapper/board names in order to be shorter, avoiding glitching the GUI.
    - General tweaks, cleanups and minor improvements.

    Saturday, September 19th 2020
  • Here we go again for another bugfix version. It fixes bitmap clearing on triple buffering mode, no more screen flashing.
  • DOWNLOAD: RockNES 5.63C

  • Wednesday, September 16th 2020
  • Version 5.63B fixes a bug setting up CRC32 values. It's a minor update.
  • NEVER FORGET! Your feedback is very important to me!

  • Sunday, September 13th 2020
  • RockNES 5.63 released. Happy sunday!
  • REMEMBER! Your feedback is very important!

  • What's new for version 5.63 (09/13/2020)
    - Fixed a bug in the MMC3 PPU IRQs (fixes Mega Man VI and others).
    - Added an option for DMC reversed bits decoding order.
    - Fixed NSF track change in triple buffering mode.
    - NSF mode no more allow changes to screen aspect ratio, or scanlines.
    - Fixed palette setting if an external palette was loaded.
    - Fixed a problem with triple buffering (should run at normal speed).
    - Rollback for color style calculations.
    - Changing the video resolution (using GUI dialog) now sets the game screen to 240p.
    - Vertical retrace is now enabled by default.
    - Fixed program version number in the binary.
    - Fixed a few obscure errors in the config file parsing.
    - Added display of the percentage of frames per second.
    - Code revision and rewrites for GUI dialogs.
    - Removed a few debug leftovers, plus minor improvements and cosmetic changes.
    - Documentation updated.

    Sunday, September 6th 2020
  • Another bugfix. RockNES 5.62 released. Your feedback is very important!

  • What's new for version 5.62 (09/06/2020)
    - Fixed compiler flags, no more DLLs (again).
    - Fixed a few more references for setting up Allegro's gfx driver (AUTODETECT).
    - Other minor fixes and tweaks.

    Friday, September 4th 2020
  • RockNES 5.61 has been released. Please, give me your feedback and enjoy it!

  • What's new for version 5.61 (09/04/2020)
    - Fixed frequency value in the DMC sound driver reset, raw playback is fine.
    - Fixed a nasty bug in the PPU $2007 reads.
    - Fixed mouse as NES input device, you can adjust the movement sensibility.
    - Changed Allegro's graphics pseudo-driver to AUTODETECT for compatibility.
    - A few cosmetic changes in the GUI.

    Wednesday, September 2nd 2020
  • Another update! This version removes all external DLL dependencies. Let me know if it works for you!
  • RockNES 5.60B has been released.

  • Tuesday, September 1st 2020
  • UPDATE: download it again if you're having problems with external DLLs.
  • RockNES 5.60 has been released. Please, give me your feedback and enjoy it!

  • What's new for version 5.60 (09/01/2020)
    - Partial code rewrites, some optimizations and tweaks.
    - Savestate version is now 7 (old saves are not compatible).
    - Data at CPU $6000-$7FFF is now saved into savestates (SRAM/WRAM).
    - Fixed a few problems parsing the config file.
    - Fixed path for FDS BIOS loading (same of RockNES.exe folder).
    - Fixed a deadlock bug on application window close (X at corner).
    - Fixed CPU opcode $20 (JSR).
    - Fixed CPU branch timings.
    - Fixed a bug in the DMA operations of sprites and DMC sound channel.
    - Fixed a potential crash in the CPU schedule system.
    - Revision in the CPU opcodes.
    - Fixed sprite RAM data saving in savestates.
    - Fixed sprite refresh (R.C. Pro AM II works).
    - Added a check for expected CHR ROM/RAM in each mapper.
    - Revision in the PPU frame timing and CPU opcodes.
    - New NTSC palette.
    - Fixed a bug saving palettes (incorrect warning).
    - Fixed bitmap clearing in triple buffering mode.
    - Fixed switching to VS palettes.
    - Fixed loading an external palette file.
    - Fixed wallpaper loading path (should look at the binary folder too).
    - Scanlines effect code rewritten from scratch.
    - Reworked most of the color styles palette calculations.
    - Added missing joystick turbo settings on config file parsing.
    - Fixed incorrect assignment for BACKSPACE key.
    - Fixed support for joysticks, now D-pad works again!
    - Fixed APU noise channel reset (fixes Ghostbusters) and sweeps.
    - Fixed a bug in the APU mono/stereo switching.
    - Fixed sound startup and configuration.
    - Fixed DMC channel initial state.
    - Reworked the audio rendering a bit.
    - Changed the sound sample rate from 48000 back to 44100Hz, works on low-end PCs.
    - Reduced drastically the sound cache for minimal latency.
    [nsf driver]
    - Fixed a bug in the NSF savestate block.
    - Fixed NSF track selector, works for player 1 only.
    - If a NSF file has no game title, it's now replaced by its filename.
    - Added proper support for Acclaim's MC-ACC IRQs.
    - Added savestate data for mappers 46 & 187.
    - Revision in the MMC3/Acclaim PPU IRQ codes.

    Sunday, August 30th 2020
  • I'm still alive! A new version of RockNES will be released soon, probably this Tuesday.
  • Stay tuned! ^_^;;

  • Tuesday, June 19th 2012
  • New RockNES website! Please, update your bookmarks.

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    RockNES 5.54 32bit i686 SSE3 O3 (ZIP) 09/23/2017
    RockNES 5.53 32bit i686 SSE3 O3 (ZIP) 08/08/2017
    RockNES 5.52 32bit i686 SSE3 O3 (ZIP) 07/14/2017
    RockNES 5.51 32bit i686 SSE3 O2 (ZIP) 07/09/2017
    RockNES 5.50 32bit i686 SSE3 O2 (ZIP) 07/07/2017
    RockNES 5.41 (ZIP) 01/20/2017
    RockNES 5.40 (ZIP) 01/19/2017
    RockNES 5.31 (ZIP) 01/17/2017
    RockNES 5.30d (ZIP) 01/14/2017
    RockNES 5.25 (ZIP, i686) 07/22/2016
    RockNES 5.24 (ZIP, i686) 06/26/2016
    RockNES 5.23 06/22/2016
    RockNES 5.22 06/14/2016
    RockNES 5.21, w/ Allegro 04/21/2016
    RockNES 5.20, w/ Allegro 04/17/2016
    RockNES 5.142 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 06/02/2014
    RockNES 5.141 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 06/01/2014
    RockNES 5.14 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 05/31/2014
    RockNES 5.13d [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/19/2014
    RockNES 5.13c [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/18/2014
    RockNES 5.13b [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/17/2014
    RockNES 5.13 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/15/2014
    RockNES 5.12 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/13/2014
    RockNES 5.11 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 12/31/2013
    RockNES 5.10 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 06/09/2013
    RockNES 5.09 [i686 MMX] 05/18/2013
    RockNES 5.08 [i686 MMX] 05/13/2012
    Allegro 4.4 library (DLL)

    Old stuff!
    visine v2.82, MegaMan 1&2 editor (DOS) 10/27/2002
    sixtans v1.00, MegaMan 6 editor (DOS) 03/31/2002
    HALed v1.00, Adventures of Lolo 1 editor (DOS) 12/25/2002

    BNSF v2.5, a NSF file player (DOS) 03/31/2002
    Decrom 2.1, a NES graphics decoder in ascii (DOS) 08/08/2000

    Tutorial for visine - HLP version
    RockNES savestate format

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