NES emulator and NSF music player for Windows.
Coded by Zepper 1998-2014

Monday, June 2nd 2014
  • I'm back. Now RockNES supports 3x and 4x screen blitters.
  • Update 2: RockNES 5.142 has been released!

  • What's new for version 5.142 (06/02/2014)
    - Fixed graphics modes, switching to fullscreen always use the desktop resolution.
    - Fixed bitmap blitters 2x stretched to 640x480.
    - Fixed toggling fullscreen and windowed modes.
    - In windowed mode, changing the blitter adjusts the window size.
    - Fixed a problem with palette startup.

    What's new for version 5.141 (06/01/2014)
    - Fixed "Other options" menu, complete mess.
    - Cleanups.

    What's new for version 5.14 (05/31/2014)
    - Fixed -disable_ppu_clipping flag in the config file.
    - Fixed a few GUI items, plus minor changes.
    - Frame timing is reset if the video resolution changes, no more crashing.
    - Added bitmap blitters 3x and 4x, no filtering yet.
    - Minor code optimizations and cleanups.

    Sunday, January 19th 2014
  • A major quick fix, since the PRG RAM data wasn't being saved/loaded correctly in savestates. RockNES 5.13d released.

  • What's new for version 5.13d (01/19/2014)
    - Fixed PRG RAM data saving/loading in savestates.
    - Fixed popup message color.
    - Internal code optimizations and cleanups.

    Saturday, January 18th 2014
  • RockNES 5.13c released. Fixed coin detection in VS System (mapper 99), press F8 to "insert coin".

  • Friday, January 17th 2014
  • Quick fix. RockNES 5.13b released.

  • What's new for version 5.13b (01/17/2014)
    - Fixed FPS (frames per second) display.
    - Fixed "disable_ppu_clipping" and "mouse_poll_latency" flags.
    - Famiclone sound mode setting is now saved.
    - Minor changes in the GUI.

    Thursday, January 16th 2014
  • The files are available again. They're hosted on Dropbox now (when larger than 1MB).

  • Wednesday, January 15th 2014
  • Actually, does not allow files larger than 1MB for uploads. That's why the files were being deleted. I have no option, but look for a new host. Most of the files are down for now, but will be back soon! Sorry for the inconvenience. :-(

  • Wednesday, January 15th 2014
  • A few important fixes for this release. RockNES 5.13 is available for downloading! Please, send e-mail and give your feedback.

  • What's new for version 5.13 (01/15/2014)
    - New menu item "View CPU state", replacing the "Dump->CPU context".
    - New blitter, 256x240 interpolated. Press key 1, then 3.
    - Fixed Famicom Disk System support, a few games are playable now.
    - Fixed Refresh button in the disassembler dialogs.
    - Fixed a bug loading mapper 20 (Famicom Disk System).
    - The disassembler shows the full bank again (size of $1000).
    - Fixed a configuration problem of input devices.
    - Fixed flag for patched ROMs (it was always zero).
    - Added detection of dirty NES headers (DiskDude).
    - Internal optimizations, minor changes and fixes in the GUI.

    Monday, January 13rd 2014
  • RockNES 5.12 has been released! Please, send e-mail and give your feedback.
  • For some bizarre reason, a few ZIP files are still being deleted. I reuploaded them again. Let me know if there's some missing file, please.

  • What's new for version 5.12 (01/13/2014)
    - Fixed a potential crash when activating the sound recorder.
    - Fixed $4016/17 reads, value must be ORed with $40.
    - Fixed mapper 64 IRQs (game Hard Drivin' works).
    - Changed APU sound output gain, sounds louder and better.
    - Optimized APU sound resampling values.
    - Added an option to disable PPU clipping (left 8 pixels).
    - The NSF player now displays "no title" if there's no string.
    - Improved iNES header context saved into a text file.
    - In the disassembler, the code is now refreshed before saving to a file.
    - Removed a boring popup warning message if savestate file isn't found.
    - Renamed "-videocard" config option to "-graphics_mode", since there's no "card".
    - Fixed other minor things and annoyances, plus removed unused stuff.

    Saturday, January 11st 2014
  • For some unknown reason, a few files were deleted, including the most recent RockNES package. All the missing files were reuploaded. Thanks to WedNESday for the warning.
  • An update for RockNES is forthcomming, so stay tuned.

  • Tuesday, december 31st 2013
  • RockNES 5.11 released! Please, send e-mail and give your feedback. Thanks for all and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  • What's new for version 5.11 (12/31/2013)
    - Fixed a timing problem with SPRDMA and DMC DMA.
    - Added a basic motion blur filtering.
    - Added a new palette from NESdev, looks accurate, enabled by default.
    - Proper program startup with default settings.
    - Blocked RESET when a movie is active (a warning will pop up).
    - Fixed frames per second display in windowed mode.
    - Fixed a problem with screen blitting, plus switching blitters is even easier.
    - Keyboard polling optimized a bit.
    - Minor fixes in the GUI, windows are now closed properly.
    - Fixed APU savestate restoration.
    - Fixed some savestate tags.
    - Fixed VS System "insert coin", just hold F8 and release it.
    - Added NSF savestate tagged block.
    - RSx savestate file updated to version 6, old ones are not compatible.
    - Documentation updated.

    Thursday, October 3th 2013
  • Unfortunately, the RockNES forum is gone, everything there is history now. About the emulator, yes, it's ok and in development. A release is very near, so stay tuned. To complete the things, I'd like to start a donation system in order to continue with the emulator. I'm trying to setup a Paypal account, so you'll be able to help & donate (if possible).

  • Tuesday, June 11st 2013
  • Just a remind. Well, I still got mail asking about RockNESX, that old Windows port. It's no more supported, it's outdated and I don't own the sources of it. Just forget it and play the current legit Windows version, 5.10.

  • Sunday, June 9th 2013
  • RockNES 5.10 is out. It's a bug fix release, w/ minor improvements. Your feedback is very important to me.

  • What's new for version 5.10 (06/09/2013)
    - Fixed savestate, return value was wrong, working ok now.
    - Fixed a few GUI items, palette ram viewer is enabled again.
    - Tweaked MMC3 code, still have problems.
    - Allegro library is packaged with the ZIP again.

    Saturday, May 18th 2013
  • RockNES 5.09 has been released. Your feedback is very important to me.

  • What's new for version 5.09 (05/18/2013)
    - Fixed PPU timing.
    - Fixed PPU open bus emulation.
    - Fixed APU reset, uninitialized flags.
    - Fixed APU sweep unit.
    - Fixed joypad i/o code, added 4016h/4017h extra reads.
    - Fixed mapper 1 (MMC1) startup bank values, and MMC3 PPU IRQ timing.
    - Fixed a potential crash when blitter 0 (256x240) was set on startup.
    - Fixed base address selection on disassembler.
    - Fixed gameplay joypad data logging driver, also known as NES movies.
    - Fixed a bug when resetting the video context.
    - Added a GUI option to see the current video context.
    - Added mapper 89 (Tenka no Goikenban: Mito Koumon).
    - Added a new screen blitter, stretched to 640x480 pixelated.
    - Added five choices of RGB palettes for VS System mapper.
    - Added option for printing the FPS (frames per second) value on screenshots.
    - Added option for resetting the savestate slot number on ROM loading.
    - Added a check for mapper 20, reserved for Famicom Disk System only.
    - Added message errors if sound startup fails.
    - Joypad data block on savestate now includes the number of reads, up to 8.
    - The graphics mode settings are reset to defaults and saved on gfx errors.
    - Disabled keys F6 and F7 when the FDS driver isn't active.
    - Removed the option of disabling register $4011.
    - Other minor fixes, various changes in the GUI, usual code cleanups.
    - Software documentation updated.

    Tuesday, June 19th 2012
  • New RockNES website! Please, update your bookmarks.

  • Windows 32bit

    RockNES 5.142 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 06/02/2014

    Older versions are highly NOT recommended.
    RockNES 5.141 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 06/01/2014
    RockNES 5.14 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 05/31/2014
    RockNES 5.13d [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/19/2014
    RockNES 5.13c [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/18/2014
    RockNES 5.13b [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/17/2014
    RockNES 5.13 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/15/2014
    RockNES 5.12 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 01/13/2014
    RockNES 5.11 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 12/31/2013
    RockNES 5.10 [i686 MMX, w/ Allegro] 06/09/2013
    RockNES 5.09 [i686 MMX] 05/18/2013
    RockNES 5.08 [i686 MMX] 05/13/2012
    Allegro 4.4 library (DLL)

    Old stuff!
    visine v2.82, MegaMan 1&2 editor (DOS) 10/27/2002
    sixtans v1.00, MegaMan 6 editor (DOS) 03/31/2002
    HALed v1.00, Adventures of Lolo 1 editor (DOS) 12/25/2002

    BNSF v2.5, a NSF file player (DOS) 03/31/2002
    Decrom 2.1, a NES graphics decoder in ascii (DOS) 08/08/2000

    Tutorial for visine - HLP version
    RockNES savestate info (finishing it!)

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